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Prophesies Foretelling The

Return of the Undistorted Teachings

There are prophesies concerning the return of the undistorted teachings by Cosmic Wisdom Teachers to this particular planet in multiple sources. I have chosen two such sources because of the clarity of the prophesies to highlight. One source is a translation of a scroll that was found by Billy Meier and Isa Rashid in 1963 and the other is a channeling that was brought through from Sananda in August 1989 by a group that was located in Tehachapi, California that produced the <em>Phocnix Journals</em>.

You may accept these sources or not as you wish. I am merely going to point out that there are no coincidences and the fact that such prophesies were even brought into existence in print speaks loudly to the realities that these prophesies hold within them.

The scroll that was found by Meier and Rashid was translated in part from the original language by Rashid, a former Greek Orthodox priest. The translation however was nvever completed as Rashid and his family were forced to flee from an Israeli attack on a Labanese refugee camp where they had sought safety and the original scroll was lost at that time. Rashid did post a translation of the first 36 chapters to Meier in 1970 but mistakenly mailed it to an old mailing address. The translation made its way eventually to Meier coming into his possession in 1974, the very same year that Rashid and his family were assassinated in Iran. The scroll translation was, as far as we can tell self-published and released publicly in a German translation in 1978 under the title Talmud of Jmmanuel, two more editions followed with English-German translations included and then a professionally published 4th edition was released in 2006 by Steelmark Publishing Company.

The prophesies in the Talmud of Jmmanuel are located at Chapter 15:75-83 and Chapter 35:41.

Chapter 15:75-83:

75. “So it will come true in two times a thousand years, when humans have become knowledgeable and thinking, and when my actual unfalsified teachings will be revealed anew.”

76. “The new prophet of that distant future will not possess as much strength and power over evil and sickness.”

77. “But his knowledge will surpass mine, and his revelations about my real teachings will shake the foundations of the entire Earth, for in his time the world will be inundated by my teachings, as falsified by the distorters of the scriptures, and it will be living in false religious cults that bring death.”

78. “It will be a time when wars from space begin to threaten, and many new gods will seek to rule over Earth.”

79. “Truly, truly, I say to you, the new prophet will be persecuted not only by a wrong-minded people, as will happen to me, but also by the whole world and by many deluded religious cults, which will bring forth many false prophets.”

80. “Yet, before the end of two times a thousand years the new prophet will reveal my unfalsified teachings to small groups, just as I teach the wisdom, the knowledge and the laws of the spirit and Creation to small groups of trusted friends and disciples.”

81. “Nevertheless, his path will be very difficult and full of obstacles, because he will begin his mission in a peace-loving country in the North which will be dominated, however, by a strict and false religious cult based upon scriptural distortions of my teachings.”

82. “Thus I prophesy, and thus it shall be.”

The second source is from a channeling originating from Lord Sananda and Judas Iscarioth entitled And They Called His Name Immanuel that was part of the Phoenix Journals that was brought through in August 1989. The Phoenix Journal channeling actually expands upon the recorded teachings of Jmmanuel that is found in the Talmud of Jmmanuel. The Phoenix Journals were an early inflowing of wisdom teachings interspersed without other materials in an attempt to lay the groundwork for the representation of the Laws of Creation and the teachings surrounding those Laws. The following quotes are from the Phoenix Journals, Volume 2, And They Called His Name Immanuel:

"And will come true in two times a thousand years, when man has become aware and thinking, that my real, unfalsified teachings will be revealed anew.

"The new prophet of that far away future will not have that much power and strength over the evil and of disease, but his knowledge will include mine and his revelations about my real teachings will shake up the structure of the whole Earth, because at this time the world will be inudated by my teachings which have been distorted and falsified by the scribes, and the Earth will live in a false cult that will bring it death. Before the two times a thousand years are past, the new prophet will reveal my unfalsified teaching in small groups, as I teach in small groups my trusted friends and disciples, the wsdom and knowledge of the Laws of Creation. And it shall not be given to know until that time whether it shall be that the prophet is of male or female.

"That one's path will be beset with difficulties and obstacles, for he will start his mission in a peace-loving country in the north where there is a strong false cult of my teachings that have been falsified by distorters. In that place he did not show any great signs of his powers and did not publicize his great knowledge, because of disbelief. It is noted that his powers will be hidden even from his own eyes that he might not misunderstand his path. There will come forth blessed ones who will take the truth and give it forth unto the world and the Celestial Sons of the Heavens will give proof and credence unto the words. So be it for such is it written that in the final days distant, those ones shall prevail in the name and truth of The Creation.

"And thus it sall come to pass in the generation of two times a thousand years, that these things shall come into fulfillment."

Also in Phoenix Journal, Volume 2:

"However, in two thousand years it will be brought forth and taught anew, unfalsified, when man has become reasonable and knowledgeable. A new age and generation will come forth which foretells great changes. In the stars can be read that the people of the new era will be great revolutionaries in truth and from the stars shall come the truth thereof. Therefore, a few special people, chosen ones, will teach anew my unfalsified pronouncements. They shall have great courage for they will be persecuted by those of the false doctrines claiming to pronounce my truth. They shall be denounced and accused falsely of all manner of crimes in order to stop the bringing forth of truth."

Note: The professionally published edition of Talmud of Jmmanuel did not occur until 2006 some 23 years after the channeling that appeared in the Phoenix Journals. Although, it is possible that the channeler might have discovered a copy of the obscurely published prior editions the chances of that would not have been very high. That to me is no mystery as the Universe and the Laws of Creation are such that they will always be some possibilites or paradoxes that remain so as not to violate the free-will in choosing whether to seek out truth and spiritual growth or not.

From my perspective the truth lies in the realization that there exists today those who are here teaching anew the wisdom based upon the Laws of Creation and the wisdom that pours forth frorm those laws. Not only are they restatng the teachngs that have been accumulated on the planet for at 5,000 years or more but they are adding to the knowledge that surrounds those teachings and helps explain them in ways that has never been seen on the planet before. I am truly honored and grateful to consider myself to be among that group of individuals.




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