Cosmic Wisdom Teacher

Asa Bill Taylor

Messenger, Angel, Star Being, Cosmic Transceiver

My Cosmic Sources, Ra, Law of One

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As stated elsewhere I am in incarnation at this time to act as a conduit, a transceiver, for Cosmic Wisdom Teachings.  The teach/learnings that I transceiver are a composition that is the result of Cosmic Entities using my 3rd density mind/body/spirit complex resources to assembly and deliver a rendering of the Cosmic Wisdom Teachings and knowledge/light that I have reawakened through exploration of prior teachings on this planet.

One of the sources that helps create my individuated complex resources is the material that was channeled and brought into existence by LL Research. The source of the material came from a non-physical entity that stated its name was Ra. The material that they brought through was compiled and published into five books.

LL Research was composed of three individuals; Carla Ruckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty. The channelings were done between 1981 and 1984. There were a total of 106 sessions that were composed of questions posed by Don Elkins and answered by Ra. Carla was the channel and Jim McCarty recorded and transcribed the sessions.

During the sessions Ra explained that for them to be able to synch their energies to that of Carla that it took all three individuals to create the necessary harmonic balance. Ra also cautioned them that to allow someone not completely atuned to service to others to participate in the sessions could make it impossible for Ra to “make the connection” with Carla.

As for Ra, they explained about themselves in a number of different question/answers but the basic definition of them is found in the reply to question 19 in session 14 (14.19). The question posed was “At what density level is Ra”. The first sentence of the answer was “I am sixth density with a strong seeking toward seventh density”. Ra is a sixth-density social memory complex.

Ra was a messenger of teach/learning a primal law or principle of this universe and that law or principle which they seek to teach/learn is known to us as; the Law of One. The Law of One in Ra’s own definition “You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are.”

In the response to a question posed by Don about whether it was possible to accelerate the grasping of these principles in other persons or is all the efforts to do so simply an accelerate of the understanding of the person trying to do the teach/learning Ra provided more philosophy on doing service through the Law of One. In the answer Ra stated: “To serve one is to serve all”. So that the few that a person reaches in trying to share the knowledge/understanding is more than enough reason to make the greatest effort possible. To attempt to “discern and weave your way though as many group mind/body/spirit distortions as possible” is an important effort to make.

In another perspective on the same philosophy, it is just as important for each individual to strive to use, digest, and diversify the information that surrounds and embodies the Laws of Creation. As each of us strive to increase our Light by acquiring more remembering of that which we already know and make every effort to allow that Light increase to further our transformation then we will by our very presence effect those that we come into contact with.

I am here in the physical to teach/learn a philosophy that is based on the Laws of Creation. To accomplish that mission/purpose I am being assisted by a number of beings who are at present existing at a consciousness density greater than our 3rd density consciousness levels. An entity that has asked to be called Joshua is the entity that usually communicates on behalf of all of those who has volunteered to assist me in my attempt to deliver the message, teach/learnings, about the Laws of Creation and the steps needed to open a person to Universal harmony.

Joshua, like Ra, is a sixth density social memory complex that teach/learns using the Laws of Creation to accelerate growth toward reunion with Creator. Whereas Ra “specializes” in using the aspects of the Law of One which is just one aspect of the Laws of Creation; Joshua’s focus is on a philosophy of creating a Universal harmonious state through aligning with the intent of the Laws of Creation with an emphasis on the Law of One as being of primal concern in 3rd density.




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